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Millionfold proven, popular all over Europe: Airfix, the flow through diaphragm pressure expansion vessels for potable water systems from the house of Flamco. Airfix stands for optimal flow-through technology and a particularly long life. Of course Airfix potable water vessels are DVGW approved and comply with KTW/C requirements.


Flexcon diaphragm pressure expansion vessels are manufactured from the highest grade steel. Coated with red epoxy gloss for perfect protection, Flexcon vessels not only convince through the durable diaphragm, but also with their high-quality processing.

Flamco Solarix

Intended for use in closed heating and cooling systems, Flexcon M-K and Flamcomat provide the trouble-free operation of the system. While the compressor-driven Flexcon M-K allows an "elastic pressure holding" within narrow limits, the Flamcomat offers more features such as degassing and feeding. Thanks to the easily understandable menu guidance of the new SPC, the control of the machines becomes child's play. With pressure-holding machines by Flamco you decide for first-class quality "Made in Germany".


An optimum degassing of the heating system increases the efficiency and the lifetime of the system and its individual components. Flamco has an extensive programme of degassing systems, providing the optimal solution for every situation from small single-family houses to complex large-scale systems.

degassing systems

The Flamco storage tanks are your best choice when it comes to high-quality and installation-friendly products. The manufacturing is done by professionals in a modern German production facility. Flamco offers a comprehensive programme of economic storage tanks with optimum corrosion protection and environmentally-friendly heat insulation.

bulk and special container

Flamco offers with Flamco Clean or Flamcovent Clean a dirt separator assortment made of brass (from ¾ "up to 2") and steel (from DN 50 to DN 600 with welded or flanged connections).

Everyone is an effective "dirt stopper", which prevents the facility from great damage.

dirt separator