AUMA electric actuators, valve gearboxes


Electric actuators...
...are the crucial interface between process control technology and valves.

AUMA actuators are tailor-made for each application.

The AUMA features:

  • rotary, swivel and linear drive
  • further torque range
  • high reliability
  • high functionality
  • flexible through diverse programming possibilities
  • interfaces to many fieldbus systems such as Profibus DP, MODBUS RTU, DeviceNet...
  • available in explosion-proof design according to different standards (ATEX, FM, CSA...)
Drehantrieb SA 07.2
Drehantrieb SA / GST
Drehantrieb SA / GK
Linearantrieb SA / LE
Schwenkantriebe SG
Schwenkantriebe SA / GS

(1) Rotary drive 07.2 sat - sat 16.2 and sat 25.1 - SA 48.1

torque from 10 to 32.000 Nm
speed from 4 to 180 min-1

(2) Rotary drive SA/ GTS

torque up to 16.000 Nm

(3) Rotary drive SA / GK

torque up to 16.000 Nm

(4) Linear drive SA / LE

combination of rotary drive SA and linear unit LE
thrusts from 4 kN to 217 kN
strokes up to 500 mm
control speeds of 20 to 360 mm/min

(5) Swivel drives SG 05.1 - SG 12.1

torque from 100 to 1.200 Nm
set-up times for 90° from 4 to 180 s

(6) Swivel drive SA / GS

combination of rotary drive SA and swivel drive GS
torque up to 360.000 Nm

(7) Actuators with integrated control

AUMA actuator controls form the optimal interface between process control and actuator. The control units are available in a variety of implementations, whether parallel control or via fieldbus, whether simple on-off functionality or a built-in PID control, virtually any conceivable process integration is possible.

AUMA actuator controls are clearly at an advantage compared to an externally created control regarding to planning, commissioning and operation. Resulting economic improvements positively affect the competitiveness of entire facilities.