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KSR KUEBLER measurement



Glass pipe indicator up to PN 25

direct level measurement visible from all sides

  • with flanged or male end connection in several materials
  • with different glass pipe diameters
  • with protection devices
  • aon request with ball self closing (automatic valve closing at glass pipe breakage)
  • with coloured marker float
  • measurement scale

Reflection indicator up to PN 40

direct display of the water level / clearly distinguishable light / dark zone

  • version with Borosillkat­ reflective glass, glass sizes according to DIN, maximum display area
  • blocking with ball self closing on request
  • rotatable, tilted or rigidly arranged glass holders
  • several show areas at large center-to-center distance

Transparent indicator up to PN 250

direct metering of the liquid level / clear sight with fluoroscopy device (also ex-protected)

  • version with Borosillkat glas, glass fitted with mica or mica packages
  • with simple or double block valve ball self closing
  • maximum display area at preset centre-to-centre distance
  • special design for TV transmission of the level indicator in the switch room (remote water level)

Bypass level indicator

In a wide pressure range (vacuum up to 250 bar) as well in the temperature range from-200 °C to 400 °C the bypass­ level indicator is used for reliable measurement, switching and transmission. The float-mounted permanent magnet affects the red/white display roles of a flap track through the pipe wall that is displaying a conspicuous red display area analog to the fluid level.
The magnetic stabilization of each display role ensures a perfect vibration resistance of the display system.


  • heating of the float guiding tube
  • plexitherm pattern in the refrigeration sector
  • indication scale, measurement rail
  • remote transmission 0 / 4 ... 2O mA
  • adjustable magnetic switch
TÜV Hessen Druckgeräterichtline 97/23/EG. Modul H1
TÜV Hessen AD-Merkblatt HPOTTRD201
TÜV Hessen DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
TÜV Nord Richtlinie 94/9/EG (ATEX)
TÜV Österreich ÖNORM M 7812, Teil 1 + 2
Germanischer Lloyd  
Bureau Veritas  
Technical Inspectorate UDT (Polen)  
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