KSB Pumps program (excerpt)


Drainage pumps / water pumps

Ama-Drainer® 400/10 400/35 500/10/11


Rp 1 1/2 - 2
Q [m3/h] max. 50
H [m] max. 24
T [°C] max. +40

Description: Fully submersible, vertical, single-stage submersible pump in block construction, IP68, with or without level switch and with a maximum depth of 10 m dive.

Usage: for the automatic dewatering of pits, chambers, flood-endangered and basement und cellar rooms, lowering of surface water, drainage, dewatering of subways, water extraction from rivers and reservoirs, disposal of heavily contaminated, fiber-containing water.

Lifting equipment

mini-Compacta / Compacta


DN 32 - 100
Q [m3/h] max. 36 / 140
H [m] max. 25
T [°C] max. +40

Description: Submersible single - or double excrement lifting station, automatic disposal of domestic sewage and excrement, below the level of backed-up water. Automated with LevelControl.

Usage:In basement flats, bars, party basements and cellars saunas, cinemas and theaters, department stores and hospitals, hotels, restaurants or schools; in public buildings, industrial plants, community disposal of road trains, etc.

Submersible motor pumps

Amarex® KRT®


DN 40 - 700
Q [m3/h] max. 10080
H [m] max. 100
T [°C] max. +60
n [min-1] max. 2900

Description: Vertical, single-stage submersible pump as a block unit with various forms of impeller in wet or dry installation, stationary or portable. ATEX format available.

Usage: In the water and sewage management, desalination of sea water, industry: conveyance of abrasive or aggressive waste water, especially of unclarified wastewater with fibrous and solid impurities, air and gaseous liquids as well as raw slurry, activated and digested sludge.

Booster stations



Rp / DN 1 1/2 / 250
Q [m3/h] max. 660
H [m] max. 160
p [bar] max. 16
T [°C] max. +70

Description: Fully automatic booster station in compact design with 2 to 6 vertical high pressure pumps and continuous speed regulation of each pump with PumpDrive to fully electronic control of the required supply pressure. Design and function according to DIN 1988, part 5, automated with BoosterControl and PumpDrive.

Usage: increase the pressure in residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, department stores, industry and other applications.

Standard- / block pumps (uncontrolled / controlled)

Etanorm® / Etanorm®-R / Etanorm® PumpDrive


DN 32 - 300
Q [m3/h] max. 1900
H [m] max. 102
p [bar] max. 16
T [°C] max. +140

Description:Horizontal volute casing pump, single stage (size 125-500 double-stage), with capacity ratings and main dimensions according to EN 733, with bearing carrier, in process design, with interchangeable shaft bushing / shaft protection sleeves and split rings. Etanorm and Etanorm-R in ATEX format available. Etanorm PumpDrive with on motor installed rotary drive control system.

Usage: In the irrigation, watering, drainage, heating, water supply, heating, air conditioning, conveyance of condensates, swimming pool equipment, fire extinguishing systems, conveyance of hot water, cooling water, fire water, oil, brine, drinking water, brackish water, processing water etc.

Etabloc® / Etabloc® PumpDrive


DN 25 - 150
Q [m3/h] max. 800
H [m] max. 102
p [bar] max. 16
T [°C] max. +140
n [min-1] max. 4200

Description: Single-stage spiral housing block pump, with performances according to EN 733, exchangeable shaft sleeve and split rings. Etabloc in ATEX format available. Etabloc PumpDrive with on motor mounted rotary drive control system.

Usage: In the irrigation, watering, drainage, water supply, heating and air conditioning systems, conveyance of condensate, swimming pool equipment, for the promotion of hot water, cooling water, fire water, sea water, oil, brine, drinking water, detergent, brackish water, processing water, etc.

High pressure pumps (regulated / unregulated)

Movitec® V / VS / VC / LHS / Movitec® PumpDrive


Rp / DN 1 - 2 / 25 - 100
Q [m3/h] max. 113
H [m] max. 401
p [bar] max. 40
T [°C] max. +410
n [min-1] max. 2900

Description: Multistage, vertical high pressure centrifugal pump in segmental design with opposite intake - and pressure sockets of same nominal width (inline version) and block construction for drives as well as on motor mounted rotary drive control systems.

Usage: In sprinkling, irrigation, washing, water treatment, fire-fighting and pressure boosting systems, hot water and cooling water circulation, etc.



DN 32 - 150
Q [m3/h] max. 850
H [m] max. 630
p [bar] max. 63
T [°C] max. -10 bis +200
n [min-1] max. 4000

Description: Multistage, horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps in segmental design, base plate version and block version, with axial or radial intake sockets, cast radial impellers. ATEX format available.

Usage: In the water and drinking water supply, industry, pressure booster, irrigation, power stations, heating-, filtering-, fire extinguishing-, reverse osmosis-, snow- and washing systems, etc.

Hygiene pumps for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry



DN 50 - 125
Q [m3/h] max. 340
H [m] max. 100
p [bar] max. 12
T [°C] max. +140

Description: Maintenance-friendly annulus space housing pump as a block unit with standard motor and all contacting parts are made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel 1.4404/1.4409. CIP/SIP capable, certified by TNO according to EHEDG guidelines for application with food.

Usage: In hygienic fields of beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry.

Vitacast® / Vitacast® E


DN 25 - 150
Q [m3/h] max. 560
H [m] max. 100
p [bar] max. 10
T [°C] max. +140

Description: Maintenance-friendly volute casing pump with standard motor and all touching parts are made out of stainless steel of 1.4404/1.4409. hygienic design for residue-free cleaning (CIP/SIP capable), certified by the TNO Institute according to EHEDG guidelines (Vitacast E).

Usage: In hygienic fields of beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry.

Submersible motor pumps

S 100D / UPA® 100C / UPA® 150C / UPA® 200, 200B, 250C

S 100D

DN 100 - 250
Q [m3/h] 16 - 330
H [m] 400 - 570
T [°C] 30 - 50

Description: Single - or multistage (UPA 200-250 C inlet side) centrifugal pumps in segmental design, vertically or horizontally installable, wheels made of plastic (S 100 d) or stainless steel (UPA - 100 C) for well diameter from 100 mm (4 inches), well diameter from 150 mm (6 inch) completely in stainless steel (UPA - 150 C). Execution with single phase alternating current or three-phase AC motor with short cables. UPA 200-250 C with check valve or connections.

Usage: In domestic water supply, on the transportation of clean or slightly contaminated water in the general water supply, (overhead) irrigation and drainage, industrial and municipal water supply, ground water lowering and posture, in fire extinguishing systems, drinking water, raw and domestic hot water supply, pressure boosting, in cooling circuits, fountain -, pressure boosting and air conditioners, in mining, in the emergency water supply, etc.

Inline pumps with unregulated / regulated drive

Etaline® PumpDrive


DN 32 - 200
Q [m3/h] max. 788
H [m] max. 100
p [bar] max. 16
T [°C] max. -10 bis +110
n [min-1] max. 4200

Description: Heating block pump in-line design with motor mounted speed control system, pump and motor shaft are rigidly connected.

Usage: In hot in cooling systems, air conditioning systems, water supply, water plants, in industrial circulation systems.

Regulated heating circulation pumps



Rp / DN 1-1/4 / 32-100
Q [m3/h] max. 62
H [m] max. 13
p [bar] max. 10
T [°C] max. -10 bis +110
n [min-1] max. 4800

Description: Maintenance-free wet rotor pump with integrated frequency converter for stepless differential pressure control and IR interface for a remote control.

Usage:Industrial circulation systems, air conditioning systems, cooling circuits, heat recovery systems and hot water heating.

Speed control



max. 6 pumps
1 FU of each pump / engine
45 kW
3~380 to 480 V

Description: Self-cooled frequency converter which allows a stepless speed control of motors of standard signals and field bus. Based on the self-cooling it is possible to mount on the motor, on the wall, as well as in a control cabinet. Control of up to 6 pumps without additional control (with PumpDrive advanced).

Usage: Vehicle cooling circuits, filter applications, water supply systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, irrigation, boiler feed, steam, process circuits, coolant supply, operating water supply and procedural processes.

Monitoring and Diagnostics



max. 1 pump
building factory
mounted, IP65
24 V DC

Description: The device PumpMeter is an intelligent pressure transducer for pumps with on-site display of measured values and operating data. The device consists of two pressure sensors and one display unit. It records the load profile of the pump to signal optimization potential to increase energy efficiency and availability, if necessary.

Usage: Monitoring of the operation of a centrifugal pump.

Control box

LevelControl Basic 2

LevelControl Basic 2

max. 2 umps
max. 22 kW
230 / 400 V

Description: Level-dependent switching device for the control of up to two pumps. Direct starting of up to 4 kW, star-delta-starting up to 22 kW.

Usage: Emptying of container via floating switch, pneumatic (back pressure), air pearling in the field of building technology and sanitation.

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