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Advanced dosing and materials handling technology

Dosier- und Fördertechnik

sera ProDos is one of the leading provider of products, services and system solutions for the dosing and handling of chemicals and liquids.

In industries such as water treatment, food and beverage industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, agriculture and conventional and renewable generation of energy - sera develops solutions that are economically and technologically environmentally pioneering.

No matter whether on short call, standardized dosing technology in series quality or complex individual solutions − sera realizes tailor-made systems and equipment, from consulting and planning up to comprehensive services.

A worldwide sales and service network of own subsidiaries as well as qualified partner companies ensure an optimal local support and supplies.

  • for more than 65 years rugged, durable high quality products
  • customized engineering with decades-long know-how
  • high degree of innovation thanks to its own research and development department
  • short delivery times with a high degree of flexibility and adherence to delivery dates
  • worldwide sales and service network with comprehensive care, advice and support
  • comprehensive services from installation and maintenance up to customer training

Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008

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Excerpts from our product range

Dosing and feed pumps

Dosing and feed pumps

Adjustable and controllable diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, multi-layer diaphragm pumps, compressed air diaphragm pumps, piston diaphragm pumps and solenoid diaphragm pumps for pumping speed from 0.4 l/h up to 3,100 I/h with pressure up to 220 bar

Dosing equipment and systems

Dosing equipment and systems, such as for the

  • disinfection of water using chlorine dioxide
  • precipitation of phosphate in wastewater treatment
  • CIP cleaning in the beverage and food industry
  • hydrogen sulfide-elimination in biogas facilities and sewers
  • Cooling water treatment in power stations


Adjustable and controllable electric agitators

  • easy operation / high reliability
  • suitable for pass-through running
  • optionally available in gas-tight design
  • thanks to intelligent control electronics, it can be used for critical processes of mixing
Valves and accessories

Valves and accessories

  • overcurrent- and pressure holding valves
  • suction lances and containers
  • pulsation damper
  • dosing and check valves
  • vaccination posts and strainers
  • lift vessels


  • technical support
  • installation and start-up
  • inspection and maintenance service
  • spare parts service
  • repair service
  • customer training