Centrifugal pumps VGX / 2 VGX

Q up to 15 m3/h
H up to 75 m

Triplex high pressure aggregate P / NP

Q up to 400 l/min.
P up to 1000 bar

Small centrifugal pumps, magnetic coupled

Q up to 200 l/min.
H up to 140 m

Stage-centrifugal pumps IN-VB

Q up to 110 m3/h
H up to 240 m

Heating circulating pumps ND

Nominal size DN 1 / 1¼

block vacuum pump VN

Q up to 180 m³/h
P up to 55 mbar

Submersible pumps 

Q up to 22 m3/h
H up to 19 m

Pressure boosting system SFE

Q up to 110 m³/h for each pump
H up to 250 m

block vacuum pump VG

Q bis 200 m³/h
P bis 40 mbar

Swimming pool circulating pumps BADU®

Q up to 125 m³/h
H up to 24 m

Multi-purpose pumps SG / SGM

Q up to 4,2 m³/h
H up to 50 m

Swimming pool circulating pumps BADU®21

Q up to 90 m³/h
H up to 22 m

Plastic centrifugal pumps BC/BCM 40

Q up to 36 m³/h
H up to 22,5 m

Piston pumps

Q up to 45 m³/h
P up to 40 bar

hang-up-countercurrent-swimming-pool-systems BADU®Jet

Q up to 75 m³/h

Circulating pumps BADU®Block

Q up to 800 m³/h
H up to 37 m

Submersible pumps SUPS 4

Q up to 250 l/min.
H up to 420 m

Swimming pool absorber BADU®BK

Q up to 1000 l/h

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