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Sterling SIHI pumps


Sterling SIHI

Delivery program Vacuum pumps

Vacuum technology worldwide

Sterling SIHI - liquid ring vacuum pumps are in usage in their basic function since 1925. The constant exchange of experience with our customers and the continuous development have shaped Sterling SIHI pumps. We are continuously researching with the aim of developing innovations for the future.

In addition to the liquid-ring vacuum pumps liquid ring compressors, gas radiators and dry running vacuum pumps provide an economical and environmentally friendly production of gases.

There are liquid ring vacuum pumps in single-stage and double-stage design with a pumping speed up to 12.000 m3/h. They are used in a range of pressure from 33 up to 1013 mbar, the so-called low vacuum. These pumps can be used as compressor above the atmospheric pressure.

The high reliability even under the toughest conditions is due to the robust construction. Their insensitivity to dirt in the pumped liquid makes them indispensable for the practice.

Our pump range is based on a comprehensive modular system. Many variation possibilities make it possible to realize application-oriented versions of material in a process-optimized way. You can choose between grey iron, spheroidal iron, cast-bronze and stainless steel or titanium.

Where ever you look for competent problem solutions in the transport of gases and vapours, we are the competent partner.

Single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps in compact design

Series: LEM/LEL

pumping speed: from 3 to 470 m3/h
pressure range: from 33 to 1013 mbar

Single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps

Series: LOL, LPH single-stage

pumping speed: from 7 to 11.000 m3/h
pressure range: from 33 to 1013 mbar

Double-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps

Series: LOL, LPH double-stage

pumping speed: from 3 to 11.000 m3/h
pressure range: from 33 to 1013 mbar

Gas emitter for liquid ring vacuum pumps

Series: GEV, GOV, GPV

pumping speed: from 5 to 7.500 m3/h
pressure range: from 4 to 80 mbar

Liquid ring compressors

Series: LPH, KPH, KLH

pumping speed: from 3 to 11.000 m3/h
compaction pressure: from 1 to 11 bar

Dry running vacuum pumps

Series: SIHIdry M160, H160, H250, H400, H750, H1000

pumping speed: from 0 to 1.000 m3/h
pressure range: from 10-2 to 1013 mbar

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