Intermediate flange valve TYPE Z 011-A


Universally applicable intermediate flange valve in accordance with EN 593.
The variety of available base materials provides the ability to work in different areas.

Flange valve TYPE Z 011-A


Flange valve with threaded holes.
This design allows the unilateral flanging of pipes.

Double flange valve TYPE F 012-A


Double flange valve suitable for use in cooling and hot water circuits in shipbuilding, refineries and power plants. The double flange design simplifies the unilateral off flanging of pipes.

Intermediate flange valve TYPE Z 014-GMX


Intermediate flange valve with lining designed specifically for use in abrasive media.

PTFE-intermediate flange valve TYPE T 211


Intermediate flange valve for shut-off and control applications in the chemical industry. This valve is also available as a threaded- and double flange version.

High performance valve TYPE HP 111


Intermediate flange valve in double eccentric design. The HP-series offers the right solution with a choice of corrosion- and temperature resistant materials for high pressure and temperature loads. This series also comprises flange valves.

Non-return valve TYPE RSK


Universal applicable non-return valve for vertical and horizontal installation.

Electric actuator TYPE E50 - E 210


Compact electric actuators with robust ball bearing worm gear.

Pneumatic rotary actuator TYPE EB-SYD, double-acting


The series EB-SYD comprises 9 sizes, which are manufactured according to the principle of the double swing arm.

Pneumatic rotary actuator TYPE EB-SYS, single acting


The series EB-SYS includes single-acting pneumatic drives in spring opening and spring closing version.

Knife gate valve TYP BV


The BV knife gate valve was designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the provisions of the EU pressure equipment directive (PED97/23/EC), category II, module A1 and is therefore having the CE mark.

Knife gate valve TYPE MV


One-sided sealing knife gate valve for fluids, flowing bulk solids and materials up to a consistency of 5%.

Knife gate valve TYPE XV


Knife gate valve for liquids with high solids concentration and solids up to 8% consistency.

Wedge gate valve TYPE KFS, TYPE KOS


Soft sealing wedge flat and oval gate valve. Optionally available with free square-end, handwheel or electric drive.

Check valve TYPE RV


Maintenance-free double flange check valve free flow for wastewater or drinking water, suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. Optionally with drain plug instead of air device.

3/4-way valve


Maintenance free 3/4-way valve with Mono block housing of grey cast iron or stainless steel.

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