GEMÜ valves, measuring and control systems


Membrane / deep diaphragm valves made of metal

Diaphragm valves for the pharmaceutical, food and bio-technology

Diaphragm valves made of plastic

Seat and control valves of plastic and metal

Flap valve made of metal

Flap valve made of plastic

ball valves made of metal

Ball valves made of plastic

Process valves made of metal

Process valves made of plastic

High purity valves for microelectronics, solar industry and pharmacy

Pilot valve, valve clusters

Position and process control

  • Three point regulator for the position control of motorised valves
  • Electropneumatic position controller for pneumatically actuated valves with linear and part turn valve actuators
  • Electropneumatic process controller for pneumatically actuated valves for the precise control of temperature, pressure, flow and level
  • Direct and remote mounting
  • Field bus-capable versions

Electrical position feedback systems and indicators

  • For the monitoring of linear and Swivel valves
  • Mechanical and proximity switches
  • Limit value monitoring of fixed values and/or continuous feedback of the valve control
  • New generation "self-learning", i.e. manual or automatic end position programming during initialization
  • Valve control with integrated pilot valve
  • ATEX-versions
  • Field bus-capable versions

Sensors and indicators

Display devices for limit values and readings

  • Pressure measurement:
    Pressure transmitters, pressure gauge, differential pressure transducers, differential pressure gauge
  • Flow measurement for flow rate and volume measurement:
    float flow meter, MID (magnetic inductive flowmeters), flow rate measuring turbine
  • Level measurement:
    floats, ultrasonic, vibration, capacitive, optical
  • Temperature measurement:
    Temperature measuring converter PT100, temperature measuring device

Field bus products and accessories

  • AS-Interface master as a controller
  • AS-Interface master with integrated PROFIBUS DP/ControlNet gateway
  • AS-interface power supply
  • AS-interface device sockets and extension plugg
  • Valve connections for AS-interface, DeviceNet
  • AS-Interface flat band and programming cable

More products and designs on request.

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