Safety valves for all industrial applications

Wolfgang Mehner GmbH has been a stock retailer and authorized specialist workshop for LESER safety valves for many decades. Our partner, the LESER company, is one of the largest producers of safety valves in Europe with over 200 years of experience. The product range includes all relevant branches of industry, from the classic steam (high-performance full-lift spring-loaded safety valve series 441) and heating application according to TRD 721 (S&R series 440, 424, 460) to the promising chemical sector (Clean Service Series 481, 488 and Critical Service Series 447) of hydrogen application.

Through expansion and the establishment of branches on all continents, the LESER company can also fulfill international tasks with its products according to the ANSI standard (API series 526). An extensive selection of materials and a staff of highly qualified employees enable rapid implementation of customer specifications from series production to special designs. Apart from the standard valves (modulate action normal spring safety valve series 431, 433 and compact performance series 437, 438, 439), LESER has made a name for itself in solving complex safety requirements (high efficiency with additional pneumatic load series 700).

In recent years, for example, a completely redesigned shuttle valve has been brought onto the market, which, thanks to its flow-optimized design, enables cost-efficient solutions in the area of safety valve/shunting valve combinations (best availability series 330 and 320). Another innovative product from LESER is the new pilot valve (High Efficiency POSV series 8112 Pop Action and 8212 Modulate Action), which scores with features such as - tightness up to the response pressure - highest blow-off capacity of all LESER series and counter-pressure independence up to 70% of the response pressure.

Safety valves from LESER are manufactured according to customer specifications, are component-tested and can be produced in accordance with all current standards with approvals and certificates. As an experienced German manufacturer, the long-term availability of spare parts is a matter of the heart for LESER. We, the company Wolfgang Mehner GmbH, support you as an authorized specialist workshop and stockist dealer from the recalculation to the sale to the pressure changeover, maintenance and acceptance of your safety valves.

  • High Performance
  • Compact Performance
  • API
  • High Efficiency
  • Clean Service
  • Critical Service
  • Modulate Action

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